Stop Bank Levies

How to Release a Bank Levy

The IRS does not release bank levies easily. Sometimes you're even forced to pay your full tax debt in order to remove the bank levy. There are definitely other ways to convince the IRS to remove the bank levies.

Some of the ways in which you can release the tax levies are:

  • You can file an amended tax return showing you do not own the tax.
  • You can show your monthly expenses exceeds your monthly income and you're unable to pay the taxes.
  • The bank levies that were issued are due to an error IRS made
  • You are behind on your mortgage and other necessary payments such as medical bills etc.
Contact us today and let us file a IRS extension for you to ensure your taxes are filed in time.

What is an Offer In Compromise?

Bank levies are legal seizure of your property to pay for your tax liabilities. The collection power of a government agency is very serious and must not be confused with a lien which is used as a security for a tax debt. A bank levy allows the government to legally seize your property or financial assets.

We can help remove your bank levies if you act within the given time. Usually 21-day holding period gives you a short time to convince the IRS to release your assets. If you currently have been given a notice of a bank levy you must act today. Call us toll-free at 1-800-210-9810 and let us help you remove your bank levy today!

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