Penalty Abatement

Remove Penalties and Interest

Know your rights! Our tax specialists can help you remove any penalties or interest saving you 20-80% on your tax debt. Find out how one of our top tax specialists can help you achieve that goal.

At BTS, we can help you file an appeal for an IRS penalty abatement removing any penalties and interest that has accumulated over time. Tax penalties can be very large sometimes they can add up to twice as much as what you actually owe. When we submit the appeal for an IRS penalty abatement, it may alleviate some or all of your tax penalties leading to lowering your tax debt by up to 80%. This can be very beneficial to taxpayers who are unable to afford to pay these fines and interests.

Dealing With the IRS Can Be Intimidating

Dealing with the IRS can be intimidating. We will do it for you. Our tax specialists will gather your tax information and prepare an appeal of penalty abatement. We will also do the IRS penalty abatement hearing and present the best case possible on your behalf.

You do not have to worry, we will do everything in our power to fight for your right and save you from unnecessary penalties and interests. In most of our cases you will be granted the abatement request and exceed your expectation resulting in lower tax debt. Talk to a tax specialist today and get help!

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